Apollon and Daphne - Attributed to Francesco RIGHETTI (1745-1813)- Rome late 18th century

Apollo and Daphne, sculpture in bronze with brown patina. Resting on a rectangular base in white marble and Egyptian porphyry, underlined by bronze friezes.

Dimensions : Sculpture : H15,5 - W8,7 -D6,3 in - With the base : H25 - W10,4 - D8,7 in

Francesco RIGHETTI was the pupill of the famous Roman bronzier Luigi VALLADIER (1726-1785). He received the patronage of Catherine II of Russia, Popes Pius VI and Pius VII, and took over from his master Valladier as the director of the Vatican foundries from 1805. The quality of his work earned him commissions from the greatest collectors of his time including Camille Borghese and Pauline Bonaparte, sister of the First Consul. In 1805 he took over from his master Valladier as director of the Vatican foundries, assisted by his son Luigi.

From 1794 Francesco Righetti listed in a catalog all the works he produced with their detailed selling prices, which included Apollo and Daphne.

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