Paire de chiens assis, Italie XVIIème siècle

Two exceptional sculptures of sitting dogs in white marble

Italy, epoque 17th century

Dimensions : 32,7 in – W : 22,8 in – D : 13 in

and H : 30,7 in – W : 24,8 in – D : 14,5 in

Old restorations

These high-quality dogs, kept in remarkable condition, are similar to those found in "The Cave of Animals" in the garden of the Medici villa of Castello, in Milan, and dated from the third quarter of the 16th century.

Milano profana nell’eta dei Borromeo, by Alessandro Morandotti, Electa 2005 edition, illustration p124. (see illustration)

The extraordinary collection of sculpted marble animals of Vatican includes also a few remarkable examples of 16th century period dogs.

Il serraglio di Pietra. La sala degli animali in Vaticano, Edizioni Musei Vaticani :  inv 490/ cat 40 – inv 425/cat 140 – et inv 431,cat 159. (voir les trois illustrations)

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