Paire de candélabres d’époque Empire – Attribuée à Claude Galle (1759-1815)

A pair of candelabras, each with two maiden women blowing in two cornucopias shaped lights decorated with stylized old men ‘s head, and supporting a third light decorated with satyres’s heads. Raised on a triangular base fitted with antique amphore vase ormolu mounts. Original gilding.

Attribuée à Claude Galle (1759-1815)

Epoque : circa 1810

Dimensions : H : 24,4 in – W : 11,4 in

A pair of candelabras of an identical model, but with two lights, is on display in Nissim de Camondo's private apartment in Paris. Illustrated in Musée de Nissim de Camondo, the home of a collector, Les Arts Décoratifs edition, 2007, pages 225 and 209.

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